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Raw Material

Carbon Steel Forged Fittings And Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Manufactured From Superior Raw Materials Are Produced By Jain Steel, A Manufacturer, Supplier, And Exporter.


Manufacturing Facilities

ISO certified Company manufacturing & exporting the finest and Top quality Pipe Fittings & Forged Fittings.


Experience Team

Atlas Pressed Metals is a professional organization with great knowledge, experience, and expertise in the Jain Steel industry.

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Our 20 Jain Steel
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Having 20 years of working experience in the steel fittings industry is commendable. During this time, you likely gained extensive knowledge and expertise in steel fittings, including their design, manufacturing processes, applications, and industry standards.

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  • Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings
  • Carbon Steel Forged Fitttings

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

To manage the flow of fluids and gases, pipe fittings are both a variety of piping components utilised in the piping business. A higher percentage of carbon is added to other ingredients to generate the grade of carbon steel pipe fittings.
These fittings offer improved strength and load-bearing capacity in the system.

CS Forged Fitttings

The Carbon Steel Forged Elbow that we offer is made by our qualified personnel using quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. We offer clients all around the world a range of carbon steel threaded fittings. In compliance with regional and national standards of various grades, we offer these Fittings in a variety of types, such as CS Forged Socket Weld & Threaded Fittings.
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Steven Rich – April 10, 2019:

Value for money , I use it from long time and it is very useful and good product.

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William Cobus – April 09, 2019:

We denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled & demoralized.

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